Emergency Medicine Clinical Research Fellowship



The Clinical Research Fellowship at Harbor-UCLA is a rigorous two-year clinical research fellowship training program. It is open to recent graduates of accredited emergency medicine residency programs who wish to pursue a full-time academic career focusing on clinical and translational research.


Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is a Level I trauma center in Los Angeles County, California and has a highly-regarded and fully-accredited emergency medicine residency training program.


The fellowship director is Amy Kaji, MD, PhD who is also a graduate of this fellowship, but under the mentorship of Roger J Lewis, MD, PhD. During her research fellowship, she achieved her PhD in epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health and gained expertise in study design and research methods. Supporting faculty include Dr. Lewis, whose expertise includes the statistical design and analysis of clinical and translational research studies, adaptive and Bayesian clinical trial design, health services research, and the protection of human subjects in clinical research. Other supporting faculty include Kabir Yadav, MD MS, whose methodological expertise includes clinical informatics and clinical and translational research, in addition to patient-centered outcomes research; Ross Fleischman, MD, MCR, whose expertise includes clinical informatics, trauma, appendicitis, and working with large databases; Juliana Tolles, MD, MS, who has expertise in a diverse range of statistical methods and adaptive clinical trials; Kelly D. Young, MD, MS, MSHS, whose expertise includes pediatric emergency medicine and pain management; and Mohsen Saidinejad, MD, MBA, FAPP, whose expertise includes pediatrics, asthma, and patient centered outcomes research and the evaluation of the patient experience using technology. Additional faculty have active research programs in emergency ultrasound, cardiac resuscitation, medical education, and patient safety research.



Prior research fellows and their subsequent career paths:

- Craig Newgard, MD, MPH: Department of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University

- Jason Haukoos, MD, MS: Department of Emergency Medicine at Denver Health

- Amy Kaji, MD, PhD: Department of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA

- Ari Lipsky, MD, PhD: Deputy Head, Research Department, Trauma & Combat Medicine, Surgeon General's
  Headquarters, Medical Corps, Israel Defense Force

- Herbert Duber, MD, MPH: Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington

- Heemun Kwok, MD, MS: Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington

- Juliana Tolles, MD, MS: Department of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA


Essentially all fellowship graduates are currently employed full-time in research-focused academic positions.



During the two years of fellowship, the research fellow are expected to initiate and complete a substantial research project selected on the basis of the project's educational value, its clinical and scientific importance, and on the fellow's long-term research interests.


During the first year, the fellow is expected to pursue coursework at the UCLA School of Public Health leading to a Masters level degree in epidemiology (although some fellows have elected to continue with doctoral studies as well). Accordingly, acceptance in to the UCLA School of Public Health graduate program is a prerequisite for admission to the fellowship program.  Also during the first year, the fellow is expected to design and initiate a substantive research project, under the guidance of the Fellowship Director or one or more of the supporting faculty.  The research project is tailored to the interests of the research fellow and their long-term career plans.


During the second year, the fellow is expected to complete their project and prepare and submit one or more first-authored manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals.  During the second year, the fellow may also attend other educational programs, such as those associated with the CTSI at Harbor-UCLA and UCLA Westwood.


A valuable resource available to fellows is the the Research Associates in the Department of Emergency Medicine (RAD-EM) program.  RAD-EM recruits and trains undergraduates and recent post-baccalaureates interested in a career in the health professions to assist in departmental data collection.  Read more here.


How to Apply

Contact Dr. Amy Kaji directly at (424) 306-5411or akaji@dhs.lacounty.gov


Please provide:

1. Curriculum vitae as an electronic attachment

2. Names and telephone numbers for three (3) references


Contact Information

Roger Lewis, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP


Director, Research Fellowship

Professor of Medicine-in-Residence


Amy Kaji, M.D., Ph.D.

Executive Vice Chair

Professor of Clinical Medicine