Emergency Department Orientation

Emergency Department Orientation Guide

Prior to your first shift in the Emergency Department, please download and read our Emergency Department Orientation Guide. Please e-mail the chief residents or our program coordinator with any questions you may have. The orientation guide will be summarized on this page as well.



Welcome to our Emergency Department! The Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Emergency Department (ED) has been completely rebuilt and we moved into our brand-new, high-tech, modern space on April 20th, 2014. Our ED sees over 80,000 patients annually and is a Level 1 Trauma Center. Please read this guide to help get the most out of your rotation with us. We look forward to working with you; if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate individual below:


Chief Residents, 2019-2020

Julie Anderson, D.O.

Aubrey Ferguson, M.D.

Alexandra Grossman, M.D.

Diane Hsu, M.D.

E-mail: harboremchiefs@dhs.lacounty.gov


Attending Physicians

David Tanen, M.D.

E-mail: dtanen@dhs.lacounty.gov


Program Coordinators

Christiane Roeder-Sanchez

E-mail: croeder-sanchez@dhs.lacounty.gov

Phone: (424) 306-5442





• Rounds occur 30 minutes after shift begins (to give individuals time to see patients prior to rounds), except for “Day A” shift which begins with rounds. Individuals are not expected to see patients prior to rounds on “Day A” shifts.

• Scheduling for the Adult ED is found at https://harbor.medhub.com/index.mh or www.emedharbor.edu/private/

• For interns and subinterns: if you must miss a shift for an acceptable reason, please e-mail the chief who is in charge of your schedule, the program coordinator Christiane, and call the Emergency Department doctor’s work room at (310) 222-3969 once your shift is scheduled to begin to let the team know they will be missing a person.


Electronic Medical Record: ORCHID

We have switched as of November 1st, 2014 hospital-wide to ORCHID, which is our Cerner build for Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and eventually all the DHS facilities in the Los Angeles County area. Please ensure you have a login and password and that you have tested it prior to your rotation. You will not be able to do any significant patient care activities without an active login.


For a brief overview of the ORCHID system, please review the ORCHID Quick Reference Guide. Reviewing this before your first shift will greatly help you get the hang of using the program. The Emergency Department uses FirstNet, whereas the rest of the hospital will use PowerChart. FirstNet is specifically built for the needs of the Emergency Department, although any patient care information can be accessed from either program. Please ask any of the ORCHID SuperUsers if you have any questions on your shift, although any of the residents or attendings should be able to help you navigate the program.