EMS and Disaster Medicine Fellowship



The Los Angeles County EMS Agency and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine are sponsoring a 1-year EMS and Disaster Medicine Fellowship.


We are accredited as an EMS Fellowship Training Program by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.


The fellowship is a unique collaboration between the
Los Angeles County EMS Agency, which is one of the

largest EMS Agencies in the world, and the Department

of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Our goal is to create a fellowship experience that

prepares the physician to become a specialist in EMS and

Disaster Medicine. This training will be sufficient to allow

the fellow to pursue a career as an EMS medical director

for a local EMS agency or for a fire department, an

academician implementing EMS research, a clinician in

emergency medicine or pediatric emergency medicine

with expertise in EMS, and/or as a national expert in EMS
and Disaster Medicine.


Qualified candidates have completed or will complete an
emergency medicine residency or pediatric emergency
medicine fellowship and wish to pursue a career in
EMS/Disaster Medicine.


Fellowship Core Faculty




































Fellowship Experience


Fellows will be expected to meet all requirements set forth by the American Board of Emergency Medicine for EMS Fellowship candidates.


Clinical Experience

• 6 clinical shifts/month in the emergency department at Harbor-UCLA

Medical Center – a high-volume LA County Hospital, Level I Trauma Center,

Pediatric Medical Center, STEMI Center and Disaster Resource Center.  Duties

include supervising resident physicians and medical students and providing

patient care.

• Online medical direction at Harbor-UCLA Base Hospital.

• Field care with prehospital providers.  Duties include medical direction and

direct field care.

• Participation in local EMS specialty training (eg. Tactical EMS, Urban Search &

Rescue, etc.)


Administrative Experience

• Attendance at Los Angeles EMS Agency’s Medical Advisory Council and

Pediatric Advisory Committee quarterly meetings and other relevant local and

regional EMS meetings.

• Membership in the EMS Medical Directors Association of California
(EMDAC) and attendance at quarterly meetings.

• Participation in the following activities at the LA County EMS
Agency: system development; protocol revision; disaster

preparedness activities; and mass gathering planning.

• Attendance at Harbor-UCLA departmental faculty meetings.


Teaching Experience

• Teaching and curriculum development for paramedic trainees at

the J. Michael Criley Paramedic Training Institute.

• Contribution to the EMS system annual continuing education

‘EMS Update’.

• Preparation of a ‘grand rounds’ presentation, for Harbor-UCLA

Department of Emergency Medicine during normally scheduled


• Preparation of Tape Reviews and teaching emergency department

residents at the Harbor-UCLA Base Physician Course.


Research Experience for 2-year Candidates

• Fellows completing the 2-year fellowship will be expected to

participate in research training through attainment of an advanced

degree (MPH/MS) and conduct a hypothesis driven research project.


Compensation and Benefits


• Fellows will receive a highly competitive compensation.

• Fellows will be provided shared office space, secretarial support, a computer, and access to the Department's medical library, copy machine, and facsimile equipment.

• Benefits include medical and dental insurance and 4 weeks paid vacation per year.

• Additional educational funds will be provided to support educational expenses and scholarly presentations at state or national conferences.













Interested Candidates Contact:

Nichole Bosson, MD MPH FAEMS

Director, EMS Fellowship

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine

1000 W Carson St.  Box 21, Torrance CA 90509

Phone: (424) 306-5427; FAX: (310) 212-6101

Email:  nbosson@dhs.lacounty.gov


Applicants should complete and return the Fellowship Application


Application deadline: September 15th of the application year


If you are unable to download the application, please contact Jeanne Austin at jaustin@dhs.lacounty.gov

 to request an application form






































Marianne Gausche-Hill, M.D., FACEP, FAEMS

Medical Director, LA County EMS Agency

Faculty, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine



Shira Schlesinger, M.D., M.P.H.

Director of Prehospital and Disaster Services

Associate EMS Fellowship Director and Faculty

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine



Nichole Bosson, M.D., M.P.H., FAEMS

Assistant Medical Director, LA County EMS Agency

EMS Fellowship Director and Adjunct Faculty,

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine