Didactic Curriculum

Teaching Rounds

Held six times daily in the Adult and three times daily in the Pediatric areas of the Emergency Department. These one hour rounds are dedicated to discussing the management and disposition of every patient in the ED. In addition, senior residents or faculty normally present a 5-10 minute lecture pertaining to an interesting case or EM topic.


In addition to Teaching Rounds, didactic conferences are held during 4 protected hours a week to cover core topics and new advances in Emergency Medicine. 1 hour of self directed asynchronous education is also included each week.



Procedure Conference: Faculty, junior and senior residents teach hands-on techniques pertinent to Emergency Medicine.


Core Conference: Core conferences cover a series of basic topics fundamental to practicing Emergency Medicine. This conference is taught by faculty members (75% of conferences) and senior residents (25% of conferences).


Case Conference: Supervised by faculty and taught by junior and senior residents, this conference focuses on the presentation, diagnosis, management, and follow-up of interesting and instructive cases seen in the ED.


Morbidity and Mortality Conference: Morbidity and Mortality cases are presented by seniors with advice from faculty members. Teaching points that can improve future patient care are emphasized.


Intern Didactic Conference: Our interns spend a majority of their time on off-service rotations, during which time they attend the lectures provided by those services. However, in addition, each Thursday, interns are excused from their clinical duties to attend Emergency Medicine (EM) conferences tailored specifically to be beneficial for the PGY-1 year residents as well. Lectures are based on a core EM curriculum which is both prepared and given by EM faculty, fellows, junior residents and senior residents.


Journal Club is held monthly. Three or four articles from the current literature are discussed in depth by residents and faculty members. Several times a year we meet outside the hospital for these.


Practice Management conferences are also held frequently. These conferences expose residents to topics such as contract negotiation, malpractice insurance, financial planning, medico-legal issues and extracurricular involvement opportunities in emergency medicine.


Once a month, EMS Conference is held to review pre-hospital care and paramedic runs that are felt to be educational.


Joint Conferences

Joint Cardiology: Quarterly conferences are held with the Division of Cardiology to discuss emergency cardiology diagnoses and treatments including STEMIs, arrhythmias, and CHF.


Joint Pediatric: Three times a year conferences are held with the Department of Pediatrics to discuss common pediatric emergencies, treatment and emerging topics.


Joint Trauma: Monthly conferences are held with the Trauma Surgery service to discuss trauma management and emerging topics.


"All LA" Conference: Three times per year, the Los Angeles Emergency Medicine programs (Harbor-UCLA, LAC-USC, UCLA-Olive View, UC Irvine, and Loma Linda) attend a joint conference. The purpose of these conferences is to discuss cutting edge Emergency Medicine topics, participate in discussions led by the EM leaders from each institution, and enhance collegial relationships within Los Angeles.