Clinical Curriculum





PGY-1 Year

The PGY-1 year (intern year) is aimed at obtaining a broad-based training in areas essential to the practice of Emergency Medicine. Rotations include Orientation, three months of ICU (CCU, MICU, SICU), Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Neurology,  Orthopedics, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, Emergency Ultrasound, and (of course) both Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Block Schedule

Orientation to Emergency Medicine: 1 week

Adult Emergency Department: 9 weeks

Pediatric Emergency Department: 8 weeks

Psychiatric Emergency Department: 2 weeks

Emergency Ultrasound: 2 weeks

Anesthesia: 2 weeks

Medical ICU: 4 weeks

Cardiac ICU: 4 weeks

Surgical ICU: 4 weeks

Orthopedics: 2 weeks

Obstetrics: 4 weeks

Medicine Ward: 4 weeks

Neurology: 2 weeks

Vacation: 4 weeks


PGY-2 Year

The PGY-2 year (junior year) is a transition period into becoming an advanced and effective emergency care provider. The year begins with a 14-day orientation with procedures, simulation, and didactics to prepare the juniors for the year. The vast majority of the year is spent at home in the busy, high-acuity Harbor-UCLA Emergency Department to hone their skills and prepare them for a supervisory role as a future senior resident.

Block Schedule

ED Orientation: 2 weeks

Adult/Pediatric Emergency Depts: 36 weeks

St. Mary's Emergency Department: 3 weeks

West LA VA MICU: 3 weeks

Trauma Team: 2 weeks

EMS & Disaster Medicine: 2 weeks

Elective/Jeopardy: 2 weeks

Vacation: 4 weeks


PGY-3 Year

The PGY-3 year is a year of refining your clinical skills and learning not just taking care of the individual patient, but running an entire emergency department. Key goals for the PGY-3 year include improving efficiency, patient flow, further honing clinical skills, supervisory and educational roles, as well as exploring the community Emergency Departments to get a feel for future career goals.

Block Schedule

Adult/Pediatric Emergency Depts: 36 weeks

White Memorial Emergency: 3 weeks

Long Beach Memorial Emergency: 3 weeks

Elective/Jeopardy: 4 weeks

Selective (no jeopardy): 2 weeks

Vacation: 4 weeks


PGY-4 Year

The PGY-4 year is intended to allow residents to transition to independent practitioners who can see patients efficiently, perform all procedures seamlessly, and educate more junior residents and students. There are also  further senior roles in critical areas such as the NICU CTSICU for greater procedure and medical acuity exposure. There is over six weeks of selective time to explore whatever facets of emergency medicine the resident is interested in or wants additional exposure in.

Block Schedule

Adult/Pediatric Emergency Depts: 30 weeks

Long Beach Memorial Emergency: 3 weeks

White Memorial NICU: 3 weeks

Cedars Sinai CTSICU: 3 weeks

Admin/Jeopardy: 2 weeks

Selective (no jeopardy): 6 weeks

ACEP: 1 week

Vacation: 4 weeks